Friday, July 29, 2011

Celebrating Brown

It's hot as heck around here, and with the lack of rain, all that was green is turning brown :-( Brown is another one of those colors that brings on a number of different feelings for folks.

At times, when I think of brown, I think of everything starts to die off and ready for the hard winter ahead. Come January, brown makes me feel warm and toasty, as it brings on that cozy feeling you get when sitting by the fire and knitting with your favorite wool. Hot chocolate, coffee, chocolate truffles, all among my favorite "browns".

Here's just a sampling of what's to come for August, as we celebrate the color brown.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Becoming One With My Sketch Pad

Recently, we published what was our first sock design, Angelic Lyrics. This sock was designed in 2008, as part of our Toe-tally Ewe sock club. Before publishing, I attempted to add some design elements to this pattern, that in my mind were so clear, yet I wrestled with making them work with this simple lace pattern. I must have ripped this sock out at least a dozen times before I decided that the simplicity of the pattern, as initially written, was probably best left as is.

In the meantime, I took to drawing all of these ideas into a sketch book I purchased. It was a bit difficult to get started, fear I think, that I won't be able to get onto paper what's floating around in my head. I over came that fear! I have found that now that my ideas have been unleashed, I cannot put the design book down. I've been working on what I think will be a very beautiful lace shawl pattern. It's gorgeous on paper, but now I must sit and make it work with my stitches. Now to make time to knit it :-)